I created this section to let the regular visitors see what is new on the site without having to look through the entire site each time they are here.
January 1st: Fixed the link to the EMAIL page.
August 21st: Added the lyics for the bonus remixs on "Flag Of Hate," for the single "Behind The Mirror," for the live songs on "Out Of The Dark," for the single "Chosen Few" and for "Past Life Trauma. All on the redesigned LYRICS page. Also corrected the "Violent Revoloution" track list on the ALBUMS page.
August 14th: Added the lyrics to "State Oppression" to the "Cause For Conflict" and "Voices Of Transgression" albums on the LYRICS page.
August 12th: Finally updated the Albums Discography section, which now includes Track Listing and Album Artwork for "Violent Revolution."
August 10th: Finished changing the section logos and added a rollover effect.
August 9th: Fixed most of the broken section links and changed more of the section logos.
August 8th: Finally brought the new site desgin online.
April 29th: Added the Rumour that Tommy has left the band and been replaced to the NEWS page.
March 2nd: Added the Lrics for the entire "Pleasure To Kill" album to the 'LYRICS' section.
March 1st: Added the Lrics for the entire "Endless Pain" album to the 'LYRICS' section.
January 21st: Added tabs for the entire "Pleasure To Kill" album to the 'TABS' section. My Apologies to Jori Merilainen for taking so long to post these, Sorry Bro!
January 20th: Finally updated the 'NEWS' page.
April 7th: Added tabs for the entire "Endless Pain" album to the 'TABS' section.
February 3rd: Added The Latest Tour info to the 'NEWS' page.
December 29th: Added the latest Award the site has gotten to the 'AWARDS' section.
December 23rd: Finally added the covers and information for the "Chosen Few" single and the "Voices Of Transgression" compilation to the 'DISCOGRAPHY section and added a scan of the back of the regular version of the "Behind The Mirror/Ganglad" single.
December 22nd: *Added All the lyrics to the 'Voices Of Transgression' compilation(except the song "State Opression") to the 'LYRICS' section.
December 21st: Completely redid the 'LINKS' section.
December 21st: Altered the colourscheme of the 'UPDATES' section some to make the text more easily readable.
December 9th: Added the latest KREATOR tour info to the 'NEWS' section.
December 7th: Added the latest Award the site has gotten to the 'AWARDS' section.
December 6th: Put new logos up for each section, which are all based on KREATOR's logo.
October 16th: Added 4 pics to the 'PHOTOS' section.
October 13th: Added tab for the song "Chosen Few" off of 'Endorama' to the 'TABS' section.
October 12th: Added an interview with Mille from 'Metal Forces' in 1986 to the 'INTERVIEWS & REVIEWS' section.
October 8th(?): added 16 pics of the band from a show in California on th 'Renwal' Tour to the 'PHOTOS' section.
October 2nd: added scan of the cover of the reluglar version of the "Behind The Mirror/Gangland" single to the 'DISCOGRAPHY' section.
September 29th: added 2 tabs, "Black Sunrise" and "Outcast", to the 'TABS' section.
September 28th: added 6 photos(4 group ones and 2 of Mille) to the 'PHOTOS' section, added 3 scans of the 'After The Attack' Picture Disc and a scan of the back of the 'Behind The Mirror/Gangland' Picture Disc Single to the 'DISCOGRAPHY' section.
September 27th: converted the site to handle frames. i did this for several reasons, 1) i finally switched from webtv to a pc, so i can now view and create frames 2) it will make navigation of the site a bit easier 3) it will actually help free up a bit of badly needed space on this site so i can continue to add new things....if you find any errors in the way i scripted the html for the frames please let me know.
September 26th: finally added a messageboard/forum, so go post something! Now!! lol
September 25th: my email address has changed to SAY_TEN@email.com please take note of this when trying to contact me.
September 25th: 1st update, creadted SITE UPDATES page(lol).