Since a computer, instead of a human, is used to translate the site, the translations won't be perfect, but they should be close enough to let you understand what's being said.

The entire site will be translated including things that should remain in English, such as lyrics, this can not be avoided, also you will not be able to view or sign the guestbook once you translate the site, please sign it before you translate the site or after you have translated it, come back to the English version of the page and sign it then (you can also see the things that are meant to be in English only, such as lyrics by doing this).

To come back to the English version of the site, either keep using the back button untill you return to it, or cut and paste(or type) the url into your browser.

*Note if the Translator is too busy to use, just try again and you should be able to use it within a few tries.