The following tabs are merely interpretations of how the actual songs should be played -BUT the authors have done their best to keep them as acurate as possible. If you have (or know where there are) any tabs that aren't listed here or better versions of ones that are then Please let me know.

Endless Pain:
1, Endless Pain
2, Total Death
3, Storm Of The Beast
4, Tormentor
5, Son Of Evil
6, Flag Of Hate
7, Cry War
8, Bone Breaker
9, Living In Fear
10, Dying Victims

Pleasure To Kill:
1, Choir Of The Damned (New!)
2, Ripping Corpse (New!)
3, Death Is Your Saviour (New!)
4, Pleasure To Kill (New!)
5, Riot Of Violence (New!)
5, Riot Of Violence (New!)
6, The Pestilence (New!)
7, Carrion (New!)
8, Command Of The Blade (New!)
9, Under The Guillotine (New!)

Flag Of Hate:
1, Flag Of Hate
3, Awakening Of The Gods

Terrible Certainty:
3, Terrible Certainty

Extreme Aggression:
1, Extreme Aggressions
5, Some Pain Will Last

Coma Of Souls:
1, When The Sun Burns Red
2, Coma Of Souls
3, People Of The Lie
4, World Beyond
5, Terror Zone
10, Mental Slavery

2, Renewal
3, Reflection
5, Karmic Wheel

Cause For Conflict:
8, Lost
12, Isolation

1, Leave This World Behind
4, Black Sunrise
5, Nonconformist
6, Enemy Unseen
7, Outcast

4, Chosen Few

Special Thanks to Jori Merilainen for all the songs he tabbed out for this page!