Here we have KREATOR's first album, "Endless Pain", which was released in 1985. This album was both raw and ahead of its time, with three 16 year old kids helping pave the way for many other extreme metal bands to follow.

From a production stand point; "Endless Pain" is fairly limited, but content wise is another story. Guitar riffs that were both brutal for their time and also catchy which was fairly unusual at the time. Ventor's drumming on this album was very unique, the beats would go from typical background support to thunderous explosions that demanded the listener's attention. And finally, the switch-off like vocal stylings were something basicly unused/unatempted at that point in thrash metal history.

From the opening riff of the title track to the power laiden drumming of "Storm Of The Beast" to the hate evoking scream of "Flag Of Hate" to the somber opening and uncomprimising closing of "Dying Victims", "Endless Pain" proves itself to be very worthy debuet and foreshadows the tremendous releases to later come From the German Gods of Metal.

~Choice tracks: Endless Pain, Storm Of The Beast, Tormentor, Living In Fear and Dying Victims