History KREATOR is not only connected with the history of the German, but likewise with that of the international Thrashmetals directly. Since the first going attempts, which began 1983 in a Essener training room, afterwards fast on of Europe stages as well as to a disk contract led, and without material loss into the presence inside, have themselves mille Petrozza, guitarist, singer are enough and heading that to tape, always as a particularly innovative musician proved. Kreator tourten in all important metropolises of the world, published various Thrash classical authors and increased continuously their reputation as world-wide influential Metal formation. With altogether nine albums in now more than fourteen years the Discographie belongs to that tape to most meaningful their category. Petrozza developed itself further in the same time period both personally and in music constantly, it and its group continuously to new challenges advanced itself, from year to year, from album to album. In view of such a preface ENDORAMA, the new Kreator Mach(t)werk, surely the logical continuation of a fascinating career, is despite various innovations and surprises, in the current Kreator sound. ENDORAMA links the proven virtues of the group in a binding type with new, exciting style items, without letting miss the characteristic printout strength that tape.

ENDORAMA Kreator from a new page surely unexpected in this form shows. Milles tendency is inescapably audible to set beside used strength-defying Thrash and Metal items strengthened on melodies. Its singing presentations in Songs like ' golden Age ', ' Chosen Few ', ' Everlasting Fleming ' or ' Pandemonium ' present him on the way to new banks. Petrozza does not leave doubts to the fact that he in particular made the largest progress of the passed years as a singer. In addition comes with Tommy Vetterli (ex Coroner) a guitarist, that the Songs with its intelligent, always melodischen Licks and Soli much colour, printout and depth lends. Vetterli came on the occasion of the ' 97er of album OUTCAST, and is not from the Kreator - LINE UP any longer to exclude, neither than instrument valleyist, nor than composer. Same applies to the proven rhythm parliamentary group Christian Giesler (bass) and Juergen ' Ventor ' Reil (schlagzeug), whose per find play is not fewer important for the current total sound of the group.

One produced ENDORAMA in Zurich in the ' Powerplay - ' or. ' Hithead hithead-Studios ', as well as in the ' Principal studio ' in transmitting mixed, the thirteen Songs of the album again Ronald Prent in the ' Wisseloord studio ' in Hilversum. The skillfully placed key board and orchestra arrangements in the pieces of ' Everlasting Fleming ' and ' entry ' originate from the feather/spring from Christian wolf, which rises up itself by its co-operation with a outstanding name made. Probably most spectacular co-operation gives it however in the Titelsong: ' Endorama ' presents a Duett with mille and Tilo Wolff of Lacrimosa. Who believes now that here different worlds hit one on the other, remember only briefly KREATOR's great Coversong ' Lucretia My Reflection ' (Sisters OF Mercy) on the ' Crossing ALL Over of volume of 8 ' - Sampler. As multicolored as the title TRACKS, then and variedly places themselves the entire new album imposant to its fans. Result: KREATOR's ninth - a worthy, because surprising Opus!